A brief about term II

Dear Henry (LAP) and Irene,
We I feel the pleasure to brief you about the term that ended on 17th August 2017, when non candidate students went for holidays, until the 17th of September when they will report according to the commission amendment of the dates. The term was busy in terms of teaching and co-curricular activities, most of which were successful, despite unavoidable challenges. „A brief about term II“ weiterlesen

Grace Community End of Term II 2017 Report

We came to the end of term II 2017 on 25th August 2017 and all the children have gone home for 3 weeks holiday. It was made possible for us to reach this day only because of the extra support from LAP to help provide for us food for the whole school in the last week. Once again we do appreciate you Mr. President and your team for always coming to our rescue in times of desperation. „Grace Community End of Term II 2017 Report“ weiterlesen

winners song

Dear Irene,
We hope to finish end of term examinations tomorrow. Tomorrow, the commission is sending us the list of chemicals and apparatus we need for final exams starting on 13th October, and normally they ask us to have them at least two weeks before exams, for students to get familiar with them. „winners song“ weiterlesen