Dear Henry,

Dear Irene,

Allow me on behalf of the school and my family to wish you a happy new year 2021. There is a lot we hope in the new year, having witnessed a challenging 2020. All with God we believe is possible. The year opens with rising election tension in the country at all levels from President to local councils.

Presidential and parliamentary elections are just days away, on January 14th 2021 but we need a lot of your prayers for a peaceful electoral process.The covid-19 pandemic continues to cause a lot of fears in the country, currently at stage four, where the sick and the safe are no longer known. Deaths are so high with some known and others not known especially in the countryside. Very prominent individuals including ministers, members of parliament, politicians, religious leaders, health workers and citizens have died of covid-19 and is still claiming more. This has caused much public fears, although the biggest number of the population seems to be so reluctant on observance of protective measures.We thank God for protecting and healing you from Covid, and pray that you remain protected.

Allow me to reach to you sad news of the death of up to seven of our parents during this lockdown from May to December 2020.

1.       Dovina Zebra Ssenyange a girl in S.2  lost a father (Also called Zebra Ssenyange) who was shot dead from his home

2.       Henry Kayondo in S.3 lost a mother who was a primary school teacher and struggled to maintain him at school.

3.       Cabrine Nassuuna S.1 lost a mother, a very caring mother

4.       Zziwa Joel S.2 lost a father, who did casual plumbing activities. He worked until late and fell from a building near his home and instantly died.

5.       Jeremiah Ssendege in S.4 lost his father, who was a teacher in a primary school after a lockdown sickness.

6.       Mark Kabuye S.4 lost a father after a long time illness

7.       Suzan S.3 (second name to confirm) lost a father and cause of death unknown

Those are the ones known at the moment, because currently we have many students we fail to reach to because of lack of communication

Staff members also lost their loved ones, including

1.       Agnes Nassolo who lost a father and after an aunt

2.       Vicent Ssekyewa a sister

3.       Cissy Ahimbisibwe a brother

       On a positive note, we thank God who helped us to finish the term that started on 15 October and we closed on 22nd December, operating under very strict conditions of observing standard operating procedures, which sometimes were not to observe, but to enforce on the side of students especially. This helped us not to register any covid-19 related case at our school, despite several heard elsewhere.


1.       All S.4 and S.6 candidates were successfully registered for National examinations. We were so grateful for all the financial assistance you rendered to us to complete the exercise in time, at a time when parents had a lot of hardships financially.

2.       We had enough food at school throughout the short term. Despite not having changed meals this time, students and teachers were fed adequately. Without your support this wouldn’t be accomplished.

3.       Utilities were well paid and non-teaching staff paid adequately on schedule

4.       Teachers’ salaries were reduced only during the candidates’ term and were paid with local collections. The number of teachers was too big to match the numbers per classroom of 20 per room and made the salary cost too high.

5.       The 2 meter distance and a single student per bed were achieved. This however made us to use some classes as dorms especially for the boys.

6.       Foot operated hand washing facilities, soaps, sanitizers, distributed at classrooms, dormitories, washrooms, gate, office etc were adequate throughout the term. A knapsack disinfecting sprayer was available. This made budget operation so high.

7.       We had more than enough temperature guns sent to us by Irene. Some in use and others reserved until the rest of the classes report

8.       We bought some basic laboratory equipments and chemicals needed by the commission. Thanks to support from Irene During examinations, we will need less.

9.       Teaching and learning was adequate, covering a lot in syllabus with minimal assessments.

10.   With some stones remaining in December 2019, we used them locally to improve the teachers’ compound and installing the un used water toilets in three rooms. This was the only structural development made.


1.       Income from parents was so minimal to run all school programs as scheduled. This was because many had no ability to raise fees.

2.       The operational costs were too high, ranging from transport, utilities, food etc

3.       Payment of salaries, rent were not fully met

4.       Many of our teachers who did not participate in teaching candidates still live in very miserable situations of nonpayment. When   candidates reported, we could no longer support them with any food

5.       Increasing cost of living against reduced school income.


The term is scheduled to start on January 18th 2021 if all other factors remain constant, politically and covid-19 levels.

It is proposed but not yet confirmed that two more classes will be added at secondary level (S.3 and S.5) and P.6 for primary. However, there are also speculations of fully opening all classes.

6.       Final Examinations are scheduled to start on March  5rd for S.4 and 2nd April for S.6

7.       The term is expected to end on 30th April 2021, which will be the longest term ever in history and will be so costly to run examinations and meet its expenses.

We closed school for Christmas and only administrative staff and some full time teachers  will be back on January 4th to start planning, including finding out if all our teachers are still committed to coming back when school opens. Many teachers in the country have resorted to doing many other jobs and may not be ready to join teaching again. This will enable us to organize some interviews for new ones.

We are very grateful for your entire moral, financial but above all the brotherly and fraternal lovely cooperation we have in changing the future of our children and the nation at large. May the Lord bless you so much.

Yours in Christ,


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