Best in the District!

Warm greetings from Grace Community Primary School, Minja! Great news! We performed best in the district again! 

The PLE (Primary Leaving Examinations) results was released during the lockdown when there are lots of restrictions. We are unable to meet those children at the moment. Our performance was this time better than that of 2019 getting 89% of our candidates scoring fist grade (Division I). We are so excited to retain our Trophy for the second time.

What excited us most this time is that amidst challenge of Covid-19, we emerged in position 173 in the Country out of 3000 schools in Uganda!

This is only possible for us to achieve because of your constant support; you make us pay our teachers on time with your timely monthly transfers which makes our teachers work tirelessly. Above all the conducive environment for our children who are in boarding; good dormitories with beds, sick bay to treat all emerging sicknesses and many more. This are all result of donations and support from you, Mr. President and your Organization LAP.

Very grateful papa and having no words to thank you and the impact you have made in this community. God bless you and all our supporters.

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