Opening Up

Greetings from Uganda. Last Friday the President made a communication that largely opened up the country, despite the existence of Covid-19 at its reducing levels, currently at 8% in the country. Private transport was allowed, with a driver and only two passengers and they can move across districts, with public transport allowed at half capacity.

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Spacing Requirements

Greetings in the name of King Jesus! 

I would like to bring to your attention the proposal we presented before you at Churchill Courts Hotel in the exit meeting on your February visit. Hopefully you still recall that my wife and I tabled the need to have additional dormitory for boys and girls to help us step up on our enrollment for 2021. This is because the current dormitories are packed with limited spaces which does not meet the „spacing“ requirements by Ministry of Education.

We also presented to you the need for constructing teachers houses because we would use the current space having teachers‘ huts for the extension of the dormitories.

I already took an architect to see the space and he has already come up with the plan as in attachment but still working on the costings.

I have thought it necessary to share this with you as soon as possible for proper planning if this is workable  possibly Bengo. 


Jahresbericht 2020

Im Jahr 2020 erfolgte aufgrund von Reisebeschränkungen durch Corona nur ein Besuch im Februar in Uganda zusammen mit dem zweiten Vorsitzenden Wolfgang Bienert. Mitgefahren waren auch noch drei weitere Besucher, die sich die Sache mal aus der Nähe ansehen und mithelfen wollten. (Besuchsbericht nachzulesen auf unserer Internetseite)
Die Anzahl der ordentlichen Mitglieder per 31.12.2020 beläuft sich auf siebzehn.
Die Anzahl der Spender besteht aus mehr als 100 Personen, darunter mehrere mittelständische Unternehmen und größere Firmen.

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Protokoll zur Ordentlichen Mitgliederversammlung 2020

Die Versammlung fand statt

                                   am 10. Oktober 2020
                                   in 63674 Altenstadt, Ahornweg 27a
                                   bei Familie Wolfgang Bienert.
Beginn 14 Uhr

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