Status/ inspection

Dear Henry, Dear Irene,
When you find some time, search for the gospel song „God of all my days“ by casting crowns. Sometimes when I feel not worthy, too weak, helpless in mind or approaching a challenging task like roofing the main hall was, I always play it several times and my heart always calms down! „Status/ inspection“ weiterlesen

End of term report

Dear Henry and Irene,
Greetings from St. Peter’s secondary school Bombo, the students, staff and from my family. I am glad to present to you a report about term one, which we successfully concluded on Friday 4th May 2018. Despite some challenges, I am glad to report that the term was successfully concluded and students went for holidays with their reports, until they will report back on Sunday 27th May for second term. „End of term report“ weiterlesen


Dear Irene and Henry
I hope you had a good Easter with the family. Good Friday was a day of the cross which was a combination of both Catholics and Anglicans around the village of Kalule, led by the reverends. „Easter“ weiterlesen

Preliminary Pictures

Let me share with you some of the pictures here.

The pictures include; waste bins, play material, sickbay ceiling under construction.



S.4 Results

Dear Henry and Irene,

Greetings on this Women’s day from Bombo. We have prayers today at school, and then a public lecture on ‚ A girl today is a woman tomorrow, how to handle a successful transition ‚ papers to be delivered were prepared mainly by female teachers. „S.4 Results“ weiterlesen