Jahresbericht 2021

Im Jahr 2021 konnte aufgrund von Reisebeschränkungen durch Corona kein Besuch in Uganda stattfinden.

Für 2022 ist ein Besuch im Februar geplant.
Die Anzahl der ordentlichen Mitglieder per 31.12.2021 beläuft sich auf siebzehn.

Die Anzahl der Spender besteht aus mehr als 100 Personen, darunter mehrere mittelständische Unternehmen.

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Greetings from Uganda and Bombo in particular. We are still under lockdown and the only chance of reopening was conditioned to vaccination of teachers and students above 18 years. This has not yet been a success due to scarcity of vaccines but in the last week, the country received some more vaccines and teachers were given special centers to get either their first or second jab. At St. Peter’s we have made efforts to see that most of our teachers are now vaccinated including us the administrators.

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Opening Up

Greetings from Uganda. Last Friday the President made a communication that largely opened up the country, despite the existence of Covid-19 at its reducing levels, currently at 8% in the country. Private transport was allowed, with a driver and only two passengers and they can move across districts, with public transport allowed at half capacity.

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