Greetings from St. Peter’s secondary school especially the staffs present. I have the pleasure to inform you that we are set to open school today, after three inspections and finally a certificate was issued to us, allowing us to open.

It has been a very tiresome activity to organize the school up to the desired level, allowing only 9 students in each of the dormitory rooms, 15-20 in each classroom! Buying hand washing facilities, sprayers, jik, disinfectants, sanitizers, covid labels, establishing isolation rooms among others has been a big and hectic activity. It took us almost the whole week to label and transfer students’ property into safe stores and to put single beds in each room. We thank God who enabled us.

In a special way, I wish to thank you so much for the financial support you gave us, which enabled us to buy and finance the whole process of fulfilling the requirements. The monthly transfers from Henry and the emergency transfers from Irene have enabled us to meet this success, when several schools in the country have failed to open for non-fulfillment. It is also sad that many schools have closed down during this lockdown due to debts and bankruptcy as well as the inability of parents to raise school fees and requirements for their children to report at schools. Without your support, we would maybe be part of such victims.

Today we are receiving students after 7 months of closure. Many parents are finding it hard to raise even the very minimum requirements for their children to be back. It is with your support that we are allowing them to report as we observe the stability of the situation. Unfortunately many people’s jobs are still under lockdown and others partially opened. Ministries, agencies, organizations, factories, now schools and others are also operating at half capacity. The purchasing power is also still very low to those who have what to sell!

Ahead of us in addition to the daily running of the school like rent, transport, salary, are two urgent needs of candidates, Registration fees and laboratory equipment. Registration will start on 20th October (next week) and will close on 20th November. Unlike before when we have been using school fees of other classes to top up on what you have always sent us for those who have always failed to raise the fees, this time other classes are not at school, posing a big challenge. We wait to see how many will report after 7 months of forced holiday.

Above all, our request from you is prayers that no student or staff falls sick from school, because this will lead to total closure. We have gotten a new nurse reporting tomorrow Friday, and we are yet to replace two teachers who cannot part time with us during this partial opening.

We once again thank you very much for your continued support and we are ready to do everything we can to see that our students get the best of us. We are to use three days without teaching, but preparing the psychological minds of both our children and teachers for teaching and learning, because we are sure they are not yet ready.

Yours in Christ.


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