Greetings from Uganda and Bombo in particular. We are still under lockdown and the only chance of reopening was conditioned to vaccination of teachers and students above 18 years. This has not yet been a success due to scarcity of vaccines but in the last week, the country received some more vaccines and teachers were given special centers to get either their first or second jab. At St. Peter’s we have made efforts to see that most of our teachers are now vaccinated including us the administrators.

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Opening Up

Greetings from Uganda. Last Friday the President made a communication that largely opened up the country, despite the existence of Covid-19 at its reducing levels, currently at 8% in the country. Private transport was allowed, with a driver and only two passengers and they can move across districts, with public transport allowed at half capacity.

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Corona Situation in Bombo

Dear Henry,
Dear Irene,

Greetings from Uganda. The general atmosphere is political, as aspirants seek for votes. This has killed the protection people had against covid-19. Social distancing is now a myth yet many people have no masks. Sick people are on the rise with now between 300-400 per day. Sick people are over 6500(only those who present themselves since there are no tests going on) and known deaths are 62. Government introduced a 65 dollars testing fee to those who want to test hence reducing testing rate.

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Update from Bombo

Dear Henry,
I hope you enjoyed your Easter on holidays! Irene sent me  Rev. Sebastian ’s homily. It was about  breaking the law to kill Jesus on Good Friday, and breaking the natural law to resurrect after three days in the grave! much heart moving and inspires. Indeed the dos and don’ts in the guise of the ‚law‘, don’t only separate us from fellow humans, but also from God. therefore, the teaching brings an inspiration of the mind that Jesus broke all the hindrances of unity among ourselves and to God, and set us totally free!

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