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Dear Henry

Dear Irene,

greetings from Bombo. The school remains closed up to today and there seem to be very limited chances of opening up this year. The only proposal on table is if Universities can open up for finalists only by the end of November, but this too has no official communication.

The president is expected to make communication between tomorrow Tuesday and Friday, to see if he can relax on the lock-down of other things. For example curfew time is still 7pm to 5.30 am, churches are closed and many places only allowed to work at half capacity. What is confirmed so far is that there will be no examinations for candidates this year , hence no laboratory equipment too will be needed until next year.

Due to unemployment and loss of hope, there are many cases of theft and murders within the country. Fortunately murders have not yet reached our area. many big foreign investors are pulling out of the country on grounds of a failing economy, with inflation being so high and more than double taxation in the country on almost each and everything. Despite lockdown, there is much suffering resulting from high prices of consumer goods.

One of our staff (Cleopus Bruce) got a very big injury that required minor surgery after xray examination. He was beaten by police for moving past 7pm, when he had gone to buy food for super. the rest are coping up despite being disappointed with staying not working and not earning. Our worry is that some may end up giving up for other alternative jobs even if income is smaller, but reliable.

We are grateful for all your support that keeps us moving on . May God bless you so much.I will keep you updated in case anything changes.

Yours in Christ,


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