Opening Up

Greetings from Uganda. Last Friday the President made a communication that largely opened up the country, despite the existence of Covid-19 at its reducing levels, currently at 8% in the country. Private transport was allowed, with a driver and only two passengers and they can move across districts, with public transport allowed at half capacity.

Churches, schools and bars remained closed. Churches were given more 60 days to evaluate their fate, but Schools at all levels were left in suspense, stating that they will only open when all the school going age is vaccinated from the age of 12. These are close to 15 million children in the country and at the moment, the nationwide vaccination stands at less than 1.5 million among elders only.

The same day Earlier, the Uganda National Examinations Board had released exams of the 2020 candidates where a total of 333,396 candidates did the exams countrywide, showing a reduction of about 4,324 candidates as compared to last year. Chemistry was the worst done subject, followed by physics, biology and mathematics, where less than half of the national candidates passed these science subjects.

However, at St. Peter’s, a total of 263 candidates registered for the exams, and one student failed to turn for the exams due to effects of Covid-19, having withdrawn from studies for casual work around their village hence 262 sitting. We are glad to inform you that our school was in third position in the district, with a great improvement in the candidates’ general scores in sciences, which were a national problem, but not at our centre where more than ¾ of the candidates scored very good distinctions and credits in science subjects. Much thanks to your support in equipping our science laboratory with chemicals and apparatus.

Out of the 262 candidates, 260 passed their exams very well and qualify for The Uganda Certificate of Examinations and proceeding to the next level of S.5 ( A. Level) representing 99.2% pass rate! Two candidates did not score the desired credits and distinctions and we advised them to repeat. A total of 165 candidates passed in super grades out of which, 66 were categorized among the best students in the entire country.

According to the rankings, St. Peter’s was the third (3rd) in Luweero District, beating many other over 85 expensive schools, some charging up to 1,500,000 as school fees (tuition). We are waiting for National rankings to determine our position. See news paper attached

We wish to thank you all for all your financial, spiritual and moral support which has kept us at the height of education in our region and country at large, changing lives of Ugandans year after year.

May God bless you all.

Yours in Christ,


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