Greetings from Uganda and Bombo in particular. We are still under lockdown and the only chance of reopening was conditioned to vaccination of teachers and students above 18 years. This has not yet been a success due to scarcity of vaccines but in the last week, the country received some more vaccines and teachers were given special centers to get either their first or second jab. At St. Peter’s we have made efforts to see that most of our teachers are now vaccinated including us the administrators.

The covid-19 infection rate had greatly declined in the past weeks, but there are fears of a third wave, with numbers slowly rising again from 3% now to 6%. We pray vaccination covers a bigger population to avoid that horrible situation. Currently about 1.4 million out of the 45 are vaccinated countrywide.

I am glad to inform you that the S.6 results were released on Friday last week and once again brought us new joy. Our candidate WASAJJA EMMANUEL who was offering Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, general paper and computer, obtained the maximum national grades, passing with AAA in all and obtaining the maximum 20 points! This is a rare mark in a school especially in sciences and they are only three students who made it in our district. As a school, we are making this history for the second time now. He was followed by those with 18, 17, 16 and the rest.

However, it is important to note that out the 156 registered candidates, 154 sat. One missed due to severe sickness and another having not survived the first lockdown pregnancies. Out of them 151 qualified for university admission, which brought us lockdown happiness. We are sure a bigger number this year will get a chance to be paid by the state for being among the 2000 best candidates that the state pays for university studies.

Unfortunately a big number of students in the country missed doing examinations because of a huge dropout during the first lockdown of March 2020. 31% of students in the country completely failed the exams, which is a big number. This is how covid is continuing to affect education in the country.

It is always our heartfelt appreciation, for all the support you give us in the academic buildup of Uganda’s tomorrow especially in the science area where the cost of chemicals and apparatus is too much. On behalf of the students, parents and community of St. Peter’s, I wish to thank you generously for all the support you gave us in the ending national examinations of S.4 and S.6 that ended with a successful academic achievement and glory.

May God bless you all.

Yours in Christ,


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