Greetings from Bombo. I am sorry for a delayed update about the progress of the term that we ended in phases, on April 14th for non candidates and then April 30th for the candidates. We thank God for going through the very first successfully studied term since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020.

As earlier noted in my previous communications, the term was very challenging in almost all areas of our operation, among which included;

1.      All our accounts had  financially run to negative but we had a lot to prepare before the school would be accredited to reopen

2.      A number of school furniture had got broken due to weevils that ate them during the lengthy lockdowns of non movement.

3.      Some teachers had given up with teaching and yet others involved in other non academic activities and were not willing to resume teaching

4.      Parents were not financially able to ably meet their fees obligations at school

5.      A number of special operating procedures had to be followed to avoid the spread of covid-19

6.      Many students who reported beyond our handling capacity which consumed almost all our space and necessitated us to make temporally structures.

7.      Very high prices of especially food and other utilities

Outbreak of flue and cough that affected a number of students, though the ministry clarified this was not covid-19 but greatly shot up our treatment budget

8.      The attitude towards learning had to be greatly stimulated among students

Despite all those and more, we thank God that with combined support from you and local collections, the term ended with minimal visible direct challenges to teaching and learning.

1.      We were able to replace staff who were not able to report for the new term

2.      Ably fed the students with great help from your supplements

3.      Constructed up to 10 semi finished classes and for casual staff

4.      Worked with our partner paying group and continued with the remaining floors of the girls dormitory as you may see in the photos and is likely to be complete in the starting term

5.      We were able to make some new desks as well as beds though more are needed.

6.      We developed an intercom system in school linked to 12 administrative units and coordination is now eased.

7.      We asked the builder of stoves to make for us new ones. We expect to settle the payments this starting term.

8.      We have entered data for candidates, waiting for arrival of funds to make final registration with the commission.

The term has officially opened today to receive boarding students in preparation for classes tomorrow Monday 9th May 2022 in a term which will run up to August 5th.

The major problem as we open the term is the very high prices of all scholastic materials and food. On average, we have an inflation of about 17%  on feeding alone, hence a big worry of how to bridge that financial gap!

The previous commission inspection recommended that boarding schools put in place CCTV cameras, increase the number of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, increase computers, equipping the science laboratory with chemicals and apparatus.

As we run a new curriculum in S.1 and 2, we need to buy materials for vocational skills like tailoring, bakery, juice making, welding, electronics, building and construction in preparation for testing them by end of their S.3 by the commission.

On behalf of the entire St. Peter’s community, I extend our sincere gratitude to you for all the support you have rendered to us especially during this period of recovery from the effects of Covid-19.

Yours in Christ,


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