COVID 19 Update

We thank God who led you through the Christmas festive season. We pray for his blessings and joy in the days to come and for the new year joy to you all. The government announced to reopen schools on January 10th.

The president is confirming or not confirming this in his end of year speech tomorrow 31st December. The only worry is that the Covid situation is getting worse every day since two weeks ago. by yesterday the infection rate in the country had reached 22% in the country and this keeps increasing every day, despite very little efforts to testing citizens due to its cost.

However, despite that, government seems to be committed to opening the economy unless otherwise. There are no restrictions to visitors in the country, provided they have proof of vaccination and they test negative on arrival.

So, unless new guidelines are issued later on, but the visit can go on during that time, with very much caution and carefulness because in Uganda, there are always very many people who may be positive even without knowing.

Praying for you all for good end of year wishes.

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