End of term two mini Report 2019

May you receive fraternal and prayerful greetings from St. Peter’s community Bombo. Despite a few unavoidable challenges, I am happy to report to you a successful end of term two 2019, which we closed officially on Friday 23rd August 2019, With S.4 and S.6 candidates remaining at school for the next three weeks to finish up their assignments.

We are very much humbled and thankful for all your noble support rendered to us throughout the ending term, which enabled us conclude it successfully with the following achievements.

  1. All registration of candidates was successfully done and updated, candidates signed forms and commission documents successfully submitted. We are much grateful for your contributions towards this annual costly activity.
  2. We had enough food throughout the term, despite food prices being quite high. We were able to provide porridge in the morning (though without sugar) instead of tea and rice on Sundays. Your support towards this was tremendous.
  3. We conducted successful Geography and agriculture trips for our candidates and we hope field experiences obtained will be of importance not-only in skills development, but also examination purposes.
  4. We paid mock exams for Candidates and successfully did them towards the end of term
  5. We paid teachers salaries up to July, but may have August paid in arrears due to funds. Other basic necessities including power, rent, transport, fire wood, some taxes, stationary etc were also covered .
  6. Students advanced in skills development, learnt how to make basic insecticides for the common pests that effect common crops, cosmetics and improved soap making. One university ordered for our liquid soap to try it, and it worked better than their previous supply. we need some capital to start producing the learnt items and put them on market, as a way of helping students to meet their costs.
  7. We had basic medicines for students, though the cost of treatment of some few students is so high, based on the nature of their chronic illnesses.
  8. We had successful games and sports competitions in football, net ball, volley ball, debate, quiz, singing, dancing, drama etc. We were able to sell drama and dance CDs in a fundraising drive, where we got 233 bags of cement

The above were key notables, a long side a number of successful internal operations of day today management at school.

However, some challenges we still faced in due course, which included

  1. Routinely, second term is financially poor in parents payment of fees, because it has no agricultural harvests in it, despite most parents being solely dependent on crop growing. A lot of fees remain in arrears and a number of internal activities remain un handled .
  2. Food prices were quite high due to lack of harvests in the ending term
  3. Endless demands of the commission, including more computers, ( it was recommended that each examination year, the computer ratio improved) 
  4. A play ground is still on much demand as a commission requirement
  5. We started the term with some terminated teachers, but later we replaced them and learning went on smoothly.
  6. The death rate of parents continues to be a challenge, making dependent students to continuously increase,  in the ending term, 7 students lost their parents but we ably continued with them in school. The last was of Nsubuga Amza S.6 whom we buried Yesterday and prossy S.2 last Saturday.
  7. High transport cost of taking students for study trips and tours, due to lack of a school transport facility. we end up teaching some aspects theoretically.
  8. science chemicals and apparatus being so costly., among other challenges.

The following are key demands of the commission as we open the term on Monday 16th September

  1. National examinations are starting on October 11th with commission briefing of candidates and the first exam on 14th for s.4s and 8th November for S.6 so, we are expected to have the prescribed chemicals and apparatus by October 3rd, costing 27,431,000 for the entire examination period. The slight increase in cost is not based on number of students, but cost of materials because we need the same amounts as before. Such dates are too close to beginning of term to be able to handle
  2. needed stationary should also be available by the same date, whose price is not yet determined.  
  3. We need to start on solutions of having double beds as demanded by the commission. we want to carry out a fundraising drive, for every willing individual to contribute, especially through buying our products like liquid soap, CDs and by personal will.
  4. A bigger writing surface of desks is needed for examinations purposes, to enable students use A3 size papers used in Geography map reading and drawing in art etc. so, we need to buy more, which may cost up to 14,000,000, still needed before exams start.
  5. More computers for examinations purposes especially before S.6 exams start in early November, hence needed late October

We are very grateful for all the support you continuously  render to us, which has enabled us have successful operation within school and continuously improving services we give to our students.

May the Lord bless you so much.

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