Very short update

Dear Henry
Dear Irene,
Greetings from Bombo. we thank God Students traveled successfully and came back from both the Geography fieldwork trip last week and the agriculture trip this week on Wednesday.

We thank Irene for partly financing the Geography trip. We have also successfully financed students‘ travels for music competitions, where they emerged winners of the district. internally we are having other games competing among different houses(each student belongs to a particular house) in football, net ball, volley ball, debate, quiz etc in the evenings and weekends.

Despite massive numbers of students who have been sick since June, with fever, flue and cough, we stocked enough medicines and treated them. the situation is getting better and better now. we still have one admitted teacher at Wobulenzi, suffering from pneumonia and had lost breathe for several hours, but is also improving.

We saved and paid for mocks for both S.4 and S.6. These exams will start in two weeks time. Salary of June was paid fully. with still costs to cover the term , our worry may be in salary of July and August. We will see the small contributions in due course.

Thank you for always journeying with us in educating our young starts. may the lord bless you always.

Yours in Christ,

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