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Dear Henry, Dear Irene,
When you find some time, search for the gospel song „God of all my days“ by casting crowns. Sometimes when I feel not worthy, too weak, helpless in mind or approaching a challenging task like roofing the main hall was, I always play it several times and my heart always calms down!
Greetings from Bombo, where it sounds miraculous that exams are going on in the new roofed main hall! We thank God for the providence of focus, funds, decisions, courage and the workers. It wasn’t easy to believe that we would get a company to do the work on debt and accept installment payments, being it’s first time to work with us. All this was by God’s grace. Thank you very much for the encouragement and confidence you gave us that it was possible to have a roof. Irene stated when we separated at Tegel airport that „have a safe journey home but don’t mind, God will provide a roof for the main hall“ the words sounded as a dream in my ears, but remained so strong in mind. Thank you so much. All the arrangements to raise funds you made, the decisions and your sacrifices were presented to the Lord in my and our prayers, for he holds the power of reward.

On Tuesday, we received a letter around midday, cancelling the commission inspection visit at school. Another date will be communicated in the course of exams. The one who delivered it reminded us of thunder arresters on top of the main hall, which we may plan next week.
May the lord bless you so much
Yours in Christ,

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