Term I 2018 Report

We successfully brought term 1 2018 to a close on 4th May 2018 and children have gone for holiday till 28th this month when we resume school. Amazingly there were not major challenges met as we expected; glory to God!


For the first time since the installation of transformer in Minja, we have had stable electricity this term enabling children to have evening and morning preps uninterrupted. On the same note the generator donated to the school by you Mr. President is very powerful lighting the whole school without any challenge. On behalf of the school I would like to register our sincere gratitude for this. What has contributed to the steady performance of electricity has been the perfect wiring done by you papa Becker and Mr. Wolfgang; to date we have never experienced any false.
Note: According to the electricity suppliers when we complained of the high costs of paying for electricity (1000 USHS per unit) their advice has been that we should plan to change to 3 Phase wiring which costs is cheaper compared to single phase we are currently using.


The completion of the ceiling on sickbay has brought a lot of improvement to this building very conducive and safe for keeping medicine as required by the District Health Inspector. We have got several overwhelming praise reports from children, teachers, parents and the community at large how beneficial the clinic has been to them; it’s like a savior to this community. People are no longer spending lots of money to travel to Gulu town to look for proper medical services; it’s now within their reach.
I would like to appreciate you one more time for the monthly support of medicine that provide for the sickbay; you are saving lives!


Your visit is so much of an encouragement and I would like on behalf of the school thank you and every one of you who was able to physically make it to Minja knowing how much you sacrifice to sponsor yourself to be able to reachhere. In all your visits you have always carried along with you gifts for the school that has improved a lot on the learning of the children.

Sponsorship (Children, teachers and Medical staff)

I would like to appreciate you so very much for your consistency in promptly sending money for sponsored teachers, medical staff and sponsored children in time every month. This enables us to retain our staff and plan in time to meet the needs of the children.


We expected term one this year to be a very difficult one especially with parents no longer bringing food items like beans, maize and sugar forcing us to buy these items for the first time throughout the term. This made us to get suppliers of these items for the school and amazingly the outstanding debts we have is not yet settled is UGX 2,850,000/= which we ought to clear before beginning of second term to enable us get more supplies otherwise we would be in trouble feeding children next term.


A million thanks to you, l-a-p, board members, sponsors and all stakeholders who have contributed and supported our vision and dream which was already shuttered due to limited finances but with your intervention we have been able to achieve so greatly and remarkably unbelievable seeing from where you picked us. It is our desire, wish and prayer that Aba Father rewards and blesses you so richly.

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