Kidnap on the rampant. Girl heads a family

Dear Irene and Henry,
Greetings in the lord’s name who ascended to heaven. We now patiently wait for the Pentecost, the guiding spirit of the Lord. We need a lot of prayers for our country, especially our children. Kidnapping of children and people is too high, asking for money as ransom if you want the victim to be released. Every week several cases happen, but the unfortunate thing is that even when money is paid, kidnapers go ahead and kill the victims and drop them wherever they decide. These are taken from homes, on way to school, church, in public places and taxis.

Can you imagine in the most recent killing (about three days ago) of a S.3 girls who boarded a taxi of kidnappers from Kampala, the killers have gone ahead to demand for killing expenses, if not they will make revenge against the same family! This is done by directly calling the parents. So, pray for us as parents and country.

The letter of Sheila Nalunkuuma she wrote to me, comes when both parents are living but both neglected her! The father left her with other three with their mother and got a new wife. Later, the mother who failed to look after them also left them with a very old helpless lady to go and look for survival, but is not returning for months now.

She has not been attending school since start of the year and the reason was not known to us. Recently she came to give me that letter in tears that she is advised to get married by friends, till I advised her to keep at school as we establish proper family information.

We therefore need to pray for all children under suffering.

Yours in Christ, Ronald

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