End of term report

Dear Henry and Irene,
Greetings from St. Peter’s secondary school Bombo, the students, staff and from my family. I am glad to present to you a report about term one, which we successfully concluded on Friday 4th May 2018. Despite some challenges, I am glad to report that the term was successfully concluded and students went for holidays with their reports, until they will report back on Sunday 27th May for second term. In the term that has ended, we had a number of achievements to celebrate which included:

  1. The quality of our students‘ performance has greatly improved, both internally and at National level in final exams. Out of the 158 S.4 students, 96 passed with super first grades and 53 in second grade. Our best candidate scored 10 aggregates( the best aggregate is 8) this placed us in second position in the district. In the S.6 exams, our best candidate scored 19 points, out of the highest 20 points and was given state sponsorship at the main university of Makerere. We are waiting for a second list of those sponsored according to district quota performance, to determine how many more may be considered.
  2. The size of our laboratory increased in terms of equipment and apparatus. With your great support, we are happy to report that we had enough and we may need a few affordable chemicals for second term, until the commission tells us what to buy for exams towards October.
  3. With the support from Henry and Irene, together with the collections at school, we were able to raise registration fees for both S.4 and S.6 candidates. We finished making all the electric entries, and this time the commission will verify all of them in advance, to avoid delay of results as it was the case last year. I will send official receipts from the commission not later than 31st May.
  4. We had sufficient food for the term, with a special meal for Sunday lunch only. (rice and beans). We are grateful for the continued support from Irene towards feeding.
  5. We were able to pay teachers salaries, from the arrears of December, January and for the entire term one for part time teachers. Only full time non sponsored teachers remained with one month in arrears.
  6. We started a big main hall project in December. With the help of the sponsoring group, Irene and local collection, the biggest part reached roofing stage. Henry sent us 5000 euros towards iron sheets which we deposited and didn’t pick, because other materials are still lacking. We expect to try musical fundraisings in June towards the roof. Nevertheless, we expect the commission to inspect it next week.

Those were the major, alongside many others that were partly done. Among the challenges included;

  1. The high cost of uniforms (115,000 per student full uniform) enabled us to achieve about 85% provision.
  2. Our photocopying machine (used to produce copies of reading materials and exams) broke down. Despite its efficiency, the cost of repair was also too high. We now need about 12 million shillings to obtain a more reliable machine, with less maintenance cost and less cost of toner.
  3. Students had many sicknesses that were expensive to handle, hence affecting our budget.
  4. The increasing cost of both transport and rent for staff, which continuously drains our income.
  5. Continued increase of taxes charged from both teachers and school which makes teachers to continuously demand for increased pay.( local service tax, pay as you earn, social security deduction, income tax)
  6. Failure by parents to complete the term’s expected school fees, which fails fulfilment of set targets.
  7. We didn’t participate in sports as required by the commission. This was partly because of funds, but also lack of a sports field.

Among the major requirements of next term include:

  1. Field work. Because of costs, we only organise it for candidates instead of whole school. Each student needs about 60,000.
  2. Agriculture field sturdy which requires about. 35,000 per candidate.
  3. Fine art pre-test materials to be submitted to the commission next term. Each fine art student requires about 36,000.
  4. Mock examinations for candidates. Each candidate needs 50,000.
    The above are in addition to the normal requirements of the term.

We greatly thank you for all the support you have continuously given us, which has greatly helped to change standards, lives and souls at St. Peters secondary school.

If God allows and everything goes well, I expect to be in GERMANY on 30th August!!! to see the country and people God has used to „make light where there was no light‘, happiness in a shadow of joy, a true sense of direction for what we do. The term will open on sunday 27th May 2018.

May the lord bless you so much.
Yours in Christ,

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