Praise Report Sickbay

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

We are so very grateful for your medical support for the sickbay and especially to open it up to the general population within the community.

We have had three incidences that the sickbay has been of great support to people without it human lives would have been lost!

  • One of our teacher did not know that she was asthmatic and one night she got asthma attack that she could not breathe any longer. The teacher was then taken to the sickbay and by morning she was able to walk back home breathing properly having got all the treatment needed. The nurse told us that her condition could have led to loss of her life if she was to be delayed without treatment for more 40 minutes.
  • A child in boarding section was convulsing at night and was immediately rushed to the sickbay and because we had all the medication needed, the situation was rescued and the next day she was able to attend classes!
  • A woman from within Minja community was referred to the sickbay while almost in comma (unconscious), she was admitted in the sickbay and after 2 days she walked on her own back home!
  • There are a lot more which i am not able to highlight all! Thank you so much.

You need to remember that the nearest health center is that of the government and most times there are no drugs in the facility besides the medical personnel not being available especially at nights.

We are able to accommodate a nurse within the school but we still have challenge accommodating the clinical officer and the lab guy and so at the moment renting outside the school.


Strange diagnosis

There is a challenge we are currently facing with diagnosing bacteria infection to be able to administer the right medication especially after testing malaria and is found negative yet the child would be doing badly. At the moment we have to look for a Clinic with CBC (Complete Blood Count Machine) to run the testings to get the correct diagnosis. The greater challenge is running CBC tests is quite expensive (18,000/= per test!)


Kindly pass our sincere appreciations to all supporters of sickbay right from the construction of the building to the medical support and now paying salaries for the medical staff, not forgetting to mention the Microscope. This is one of the greatest achievements Minja community has got with support from LAP. I tell you; YOU ARE SAVING LIVES!

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