S.6 Results /Football

Dear Henry and Irene,
I am glad to inform you that results of the previous S.6 students were released! A girl, Nakintu Oliver became the best student at our school and the second best in the district. She scored 19 points out of the highest 20 points! Our national ranking was 58 in the whole Uganda, as you can see in the attached list! All our 48 students passed and qualify for university admissions. We pray for them to get possibilities. I am convinced that some four boys and one girl may pay for themselves, after learning to make liquid soap and candles from the training we gave them at school under educate!

They now do it as a business. Educate are still willing to train more students, but it requires a lot of money to buy materials for training and making samples. I advised our students to try to apply, after seeing an advert at the university, calling for students who would wish to be sponsored by an American organization. But they only need 229 students countrywide.

Last week we participated in the zonal football competitions, and our school won three matches and drew in one, to become top of the group. They now proceed to the next level on Friday this week in the inter- zonal competitions. We only sent boys because we still lack a lot for the girls.

I wish you all the best of the week.
Yours in Christ,

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