Thank you for your Visit

A very warm greeting from Gulu Church, Minja church and Grace Community Day & Boarding NPS – Minja!

I am sincerely delighted to share with you the joy of my heart and that of the entire community who benefited from the visit of you and your team. This was such a long awaited visit after a very long period of time.

I would like to thank you so much Mr. President for having considered giving us a visit at this time with your dear wife Hilda and the two lovely ladies Leonie and Ursula, this has been a very warm visit!

Thank you for the personal gifts you people shared with me and my family and we appreciate a lot having accepted to come into my house for a visit, I consider this not only an encouragement but a big blessing to have my spiritual father at home.

Dear Baker and your wife, we had to take this wonderful opportunity as the church building was getting completed with your personal financial support to re-launch the ministry that has taken another level with your acceptance to allow us affiliate with your ministry, Fatherhood Ministries (FM) …leading to the Father. This was such a big boost for our ministry which attracted such a great number of people with very little advertising. For sure your presence, support and preaching at church/praying for the people was greatly rewarding to me personally and to the entire congregation members of the church! Thank you so much!

The visit to Minja was like receiving the President of our country; and even much more as the whole school lined up to chants and welcome the President of LAP and his team. I was personally challenged and overjoyed when I remember 3 years ago, that whole place was just busy but today over 200 children are receiving quality education! Thank you so much Mr. President and the entire organization with all the sponsorship.

The learning materials you shared with the school ease a lot the work of our teachers as they demonstrate the lossons with those visual aids. I am personally very grateful for the printer that you donated to the school as this will support us a lot with printing, scanning and photocopying of documents but most especially examinations which we have been buying very expensively from Gulu town – over 30 kilometers away from the school.

The session that Mama Hilda had with the teachers was a good refresher but also helped a lot our new teachers who were not trained before. The children still remember the lessons conducted by Hilda and the book she gave to the children is highly adored! Thank you so much for that valuable time of yours with the children.

Every time we get a visit from LAP team the impact is not only in school; the team decided to check on a blind man who is also a parent at our school (the school is supporting him not to pay the tuition fees for his 2 children) to see how his bee project which capital was given by some team members from LAP a year or so before; it was an encouragement that he had progressed a lot with the capital he was given. The blind man was overwhelmed with joy to hear the voice of papa Baker whom he was able to recognize. His mother also got a double portion of share when the LAP President and his wife decided to sponsor her daughter in our good school from a weak state-owned primary school. This is a miracle for that family!

All in all, this was worth a visit with great impacts which can be written in a whole booklet but let me end here by thanking you Mr. President for all your personal support and that of your entire organization and the donor community. Thank you so very much, the Lord bless you! Pictorials in attachment!

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Oloyi

Senior Pastor – Jesus for All Races Ministry

Director – Grace Community NPS – Minja

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