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Dear Irene and Henry,
The sponsoring group visited us yesterday and we agreed that their payment for this term is used to clear construction arrears of 2016 (but not of operation costs). I am now glad to inform you that we have cleared all the arrears related to construction of the two new buildings. Their payment for their students was 30,000,000 and given what we had paid from school fees collections and what Irene sent earlier on, we were able to finish up the bill!

On discussing needs of the commission on table, we had a library room, laboratory room (the commission regards ours as a lab store) and larger computer room.

They were proposing to bring another group of students next week,p then build a block  which can accommodate them as a class, dormitory and a library room for the school(but not books), then work with the company which built stoves to expand them. We are to debate about it more on Friday.

From the150 who sat S.4 last year, we considered admitting 75 for S.5, then we admitted 190 new ones in S.1, hoping that the number will drop as usual by second term to 150, to replace the outgoing s.4 number. Our average fees has risen from 170,000 to 280,000 though greatly affected by current inflation. Our numbers sometimes bring a lot of discomfort to you from our feelings! We are convinced that we cannot support every one, but for as long as we get the support we have from you, we would wish to extend at least literacy and a starting point in life towards self reliance of a number of children in the community. It is now evident that conflicts in families, communities, neglect, lawlessness…..are tremendously reducing. The spirit of Care for one another as humans developing among children and a “ Hope for Uganda“ may be realized sooner if more people continue to do what we do. Until you stay closer to the children, just like you have sacrificed to do, one will never know the magnitude of help needed for the Ugandan child, unfortunately even the very Ugandans! That’s why I thanks you and will keep you as the greatest gifts from the lord in the space of my heart.
God bless you always.
Yours in Christ,

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