Brief vom 10.10.2014

Dear Henry and Irene,
Greetings in the lord’s name. Yesterday was a public holiday in Uganda, it was the 52nd year of independence since 1962.

Uganda was declared a colonial protectorate by the British government in 1894. We did not have lessons at school, but we had a debate by students about “ how you can help Uganda to benefit from its independent status as a citizen“ the children had a good discussion and in the evening they watched a film about pre- and post- colonial Uganda.
Today is briefing of candidates in the whole country, by appointed invigilators of the examination commission. On Monday, they will officially start the examinations with the first exam being east african Geography in the morning, and geography of the rest of Africa in the afternoon. They will take one month and four days, then A- level exams also start for another three weeks. our internal exams will be around 18th November as we organize to close on December 5th.

So, it will be a season of exams from Monday to December.
We will have special prayers for the candidates on Sunday. The reverend will come to lead the prayers. We ask you to pray for us too, for good health of candidates, teachers, the spirit of remembrance of what they were taught, ability to raise funds to run the exercise and safe travels to collect exams daily ( three return travels a day).

May The Lord bless you so much.
Yours in Christ,

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