Brief vom 30.04.2014

Greetings in the lord’s name.

Last night was restless. Our secretary and teacher Nakato Mary, got an accident, about 4 kilometers from school traveling to Kampala!

Yesterday, we had an evaluation of the term staff meeting, to assess the extent to which we have achieved our term’s objectives, programs, mission, and where we went wrong. We discussed challenges and possible solutions, then next term’s targets.

We separated at 7pm and some teachers decided to travel to their homes near Kampala. The accident happened at 7.45 pm, when a prado land cruiser knocked a bull in the middle of the road, lost truck and hit the taxi where our staff and other passengers were traveling, it fell and rolled twice. Unconfirmed 5 people died on the spot, Samaritans called me at school, hired a car from bombo, took them to bombo military barracks hospital, where they received first aid with severe cuts a lover the face and body to the secretary, and surprisingly no cut to Nakato, but with a big swelling on the head and severe pain in the chest.

We were referred to Mulago main hospital in Kampala, but due to much traffic, we did not make it there, but to a hospital at Kawempe, about 6 kilometers from Kampala on the same road.

Today morning, a scan was made, the secretary did not have internal injuries but mainly external and may be treated there for more 4 days before discharge, then Nakato, with internal bleeding may be treated longer than a week. I feared a lot after seeing the dead, but thank God they are alive and can be treated.

Yours in Christ,

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