Brief vom 18.2.2014

Yesterday still, we received two members of the commission. First, they were happy with what is going on around at the school especially with the development.

Their concerns were;

1. Children being at security risk due to un fenced parts, in front of the school, near the girls‘ dorm and from the girl’s dorm down wards to connect to the new boys‘ dorm.

2. Un healthy congestion of the latrine used by both boys and girls, that they could not guarantee whether the new latrine would get in use very soon.

3. Though the roofing was going on, they could not guarantee if the dorm would soon be in use and criticized the congestion of the boys‘ dorm, And sharing of beds by the boys.

4. They recommended at least some school teachers to sleep within the school, to monitor students‘ security.

5. Insufficient desks in classes and lack of a sick bay (where the sick are kept separate) ,though we had bought essential medicine and it was in place.
Good areas.

1. The school is committed to achieving minimum set requirements especially setting up physical structures.

2. The school has sufficient staff for the children

3. Good office facilities ( We had bought a new office desk for the secretary and dean of studies as required)

4. The school is committed to improving the computer/ ICT for children, though with still a bad ratio of student-computer ratio.

5. Our electric systems were credited for being risk free.

6. Clean school with good management relationship with the commission.

7. Children had sufficient food in stock.

Remark; the school had not yet fulfilled the agreed tasks, but there was some hope, but no guarantee of when structures in progress would be in use.

An official report will be released at the end of the week.

I intend to write a letter, to appreciate their findings as being true, time and advice they always give us, and encouraging criticisms. I intend to take the letter tomorrow, before they can release their report, and I promise we are committed to working on our weaknesses in the near future. I believe The Lord will enable us, together with what they found on ground to still give us more time.


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