I, on behalf of St. Peter’s secondary school Bombo-Kalule community, wish to report to you a successful end of term three and the entire academic year 2019, which ended officially on December 2 nd 2019, when our last candidates of S.6 finished their last exams.

Despite a few manageable challenges, I am glad to report to you the following achievements.

  1. We were able to register a total number of 253 who sat for their National examinations at S.4 level, and if they pass the exams, they will be awarded a Uganda Certificate of Education and this will enable them to join Advanced Level ( A-Level). We also registered a total of 114 candidates who sat for their S.6 National examinations (A. Level) if they pass, they will be awarded with The Uganda Advanced Certificate Of Education and will join University level. We wish to heartily thank you very much for all the contributions you made towards the registration fees of these candidates, and buying of Laboratory chemicals and apparatus.
  2. We were able to pay our teachers and staff their salaries throughout the year until end of November. By date of this report, we had not paid yet December. This has been a great improvement in salary payment and we wish to thank you for your usual support and sponsorship that L.A.P makes towards paying for now six teachers’ salaries.
  3. We were able to have all meals throughout the term, which also improved, with porridge (though without sugar) in the morning, lunch and supper, with two special meals a week (but not meat). Thanks for the monthly contributions from Lichtenberg.
  4. Despite many cases of sicknesses, we were able to buy all the essential drugs and medicines for our children and severe cases handled externally, though this is still a big cost to the school, and would also require a second nurse, one to handle boys and other girls if funds enable or sponsored.
  5. Games and sports went on well, with St. Peter’s winning the UNITED NATIONS AIDS (UNAIDS) sensitization campaign song of the year 2019 organized by the Buganda kingdom government, and the Radio Simba song of the year 2019.
  6. In terms of teaching and learning, there was a steady improvement in the general performance of the students in the school. There is still a notable improvement in the performance of the girls as compared to the boys and the trend is growing. This was a rare case before. We are yet to establish the cause of this diversity.
  7. We added more desks to match with the requirements of the commission during exams
  8. We re-surveyed our land and had some more land acquisition. We paid for an extension where we are currently constructing a new girls’ dormitory
  9. Our students advanced in practical self sustaining skills like making of insecticides, liquid soap, candles etc.
  10. We obtained more five laptops brought by Mr. Becker and Wolgang, during their Visit to the school in the course of the term, together with other gifts. These were key among many other successes

Despite the above, we are still faced with some challenges which include

  1. The construction of the new Dormitory which is intended to adhere to the commission requirement of having only double beds. This requires over 600,000,000 million shillings. We are very grateful for the contribution from Lichtenberg amounting to 1000 euros and the 9,000 euros still on the way from L.A.P. May the Lord reward you very much. We intend to borrow some materials from the suppliers and labour costs, because the commission deadline is 29th January.
  2. We also have to buy some more double beds, for students who will be detached from the triple beds. It is unfortunate that the fabrication process becomes very expensive to re-make beds using the third left bed, than buying new ones.
  3. We still lack a play ground (sports field) which is a great requirement.
  4. We are likely to have a library space, optional room and studio (skills) room as required by the commission when construction is partly complete.
  5. Most students have their uniforms too old or small and require replacement.
  6. We still lack our own means of transport, though not among the top priorities, transport costs in trips and field work is high and we are to have a geography and agriculture trips, expected to cost about 13.700,000 this coming term.

Among the major urgent requirements of term one include,

  1. Funding of the geography and agriculture trips
  2. Ensuring that construction of the dormitory is done and arrears paid
  3. Adding the number of computers
  4. Laboratory equipment and chemicals have a bit lowered but still expensive at 17.427,000 needed in March 2020
  5. Paying registration fees for 261 S.4 candidates and 122 S.6 candidates each at 215,000 including photos and elementary requirements
  6. Re-issue of some uniforms each complete set per student at 125,000

We are very grateful indeed for all the financial, moral and mental support you gave us in the course of the year, which brought smiles to our faces and made the entire year a success. May the lord bless you so much?

I have attached L.A.P letters, as I also send them by post office.


Yours in Christ,
Ronald Mulondo,

For St. Peter’s ss Bombo-Kalule.

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