S.4 Results

Dear Henry, Dear Irene,
I have switched to a better internet connection line since yesterday. The old one had turned to be unreliable in internet connection.
S.4 results were released last week, showing an improvement in performance of students in the country in terms of quality (by about 1%), but with still a big number of students failing in the country (over 50,000).

We registered a total of 237 candidates, but 234 did the exams. As earlier communicated, two girls had dropped out in second term and one boy did not show up the whole year after registration. Un confirmed information shows he went to middle East for employment. Out of the 234, 218 students passed their examinations and 16 were unfortunate that they didn’t make it. Their scores can not take them to A. Level. This is the highest number of failing students (though a small percentage) we have ever registered who failed. In our contracts with teachers, failing students ‚may‘ lead to discontinuation and we will finish making such analysis by end of today and have the final take. Mathematics was the best done subject, followed by history, whereas physics and Christian religious education were worst done and may influence our decisions.

63 students passed with grade 1 ,51, super grade 2 and 104 grade 3, all qualifying for A. Level. Over the weekend, we will determine whom we will select to join S.5.

We wish to thank you very much for your great support given to us towards the 2018 candidates. You have continued to change lives through education, which we all believe is the best way to lead our societies and country to civilization and prosperity.

May the lord bless you so much.
Yours in Christ,

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