Dear Irene, Dear Henry,
Greetings from St. Peter’s Ss Bombo. We are fine and receiving very strange rains in January, a month known for much sunshine.

This may be a tragedy for planting crops in March, incase it doesn’t rain then. Our boys are painting the school and building something above the gate. The Bagala Buganda sponsors are continuing to plaster the inside and outside of the main hall, and windows and doors already fixed.

We promised to pay labour costs at the beginning of the term. We have made more bricks and nearing what we need to build the fence. We plan to talk to sponsored teachers if they can allow us to use their January salary to buy starting cement for the fence around dormitories and pay them later. If it is ok for them, we may start building tomorrow because the foundation is already dug. May the lord bless you so much.
Yours in Christ,

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