Dear Irene and Henry
I hope you had a good Easter with the family. Good Friday was a day of the cross which was a combination of both Catholics and Anglicans around the village of Kalule, led by the reverends. On Saturday we bought items like rice and meat, then ground nut paste for those who don’t eat meat. My afternoon was spoilt when I was called at Kalasa when my brother Patrick had been arrested and put in police cells on matters related to failure to pay someone’s  money  and the lender wanted to take the Bibbo land instead. All my Salary I had got a day before went in paying part of it and I stood him surety to get out to join his family for Easter, as he looks for the unpaid balance of 7 millions. I joined my family for Easter on saturday night with some seven children from school(who could fit in my car), two boys and five girls especially of S.1, and the day was good. Yesterday we had Easter carols at school and rice with beans for lunch, then back to our menu for supper. In general, we went through the resurrection season of Christ successfully. We thank you for praying for us and we too prayed for you.
We now resume studies today.
May the lord bless your new week.
Yours in Christ,

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