Dear Irene and Henry,

I reach to you the greetings from St. Peter’s secondary school Bombo-Kalule, all the students, teachers and the Parents, and from my own family. We thank God that I and my wife Noeline successfully wed last Friday 8/12/2017, and this renewed our relationship with our Lord through Matrimony. I write this brief report at the end of the third term of the year, in addition to other reports I have already sent at the end of the first and second terms.

  • The term successfully ended on 1st December 2017, when we released our students for holidays and the Christmas break. We thank God that we were able to administer three sets of examinations to all students and they all went with their reports home.
  • 4 students had already finished their National commission examinations on 20th November. A total of 160 registered for the examinations, but 158 did the exams. One girl (Namugambe Robbinah) was unable to do exams because she had earlier become pregnant during the first term holidays and the other disappeared from home and her whereabouts unknown. So we pray for them for good results. We as teachers believe they were well prepared to produce good grades.
  • 6 students finished their examinations on 5th December 2017. A total of 74 students registered for National examinations, but 73 did the examinations. One Nanyonga Monica also disappeared from home during second term holidays and her whereabouts not known.
  • We are glad that we had enough materials and equipment for the science subjects in both examinations and in time. We are proud of the support from Henry (L.A.P.ev) and from Irene. The greatest challenge was with the number of computers during examinations, that the computer exam that takes duration of 2 hours, from 9 am to 11 am, ended at 7:30 pm at St. Peters, some students entering every after two hours!


  • We had food throughout the term. This was possible with the continuous support from Irene and local collections. We also managed a special meal on Sunday lunch meals, with food but not sauce.
  • We were able to pay all teaching and non teaching staff their salaries up to the month of November (which we paid at the start of December). We are proud of the continuous salary sponsorship to five of our teachers and students from L.A.P.ev, and from the October partial support from Irene.
  • We received a sponsorship 2000 Euros from Irene, which helped us to buy more library books. This will greatly help us to boost teaching and learning among both teachers and students.
  • We were able to computerize our students’ reports system. So, we can now get a better track record of students’ performance, improvement or decline instantly!
  • We received a donation of 500 euros from Dr. Rolf during his visit with the L.AP.ev President (Mr. HENRICH BECKER) at the start of the ending term. This was directed towards buying medicine in the sick bay, and was a great boost in health. In addition to local collections, we had enough medicines in the course of the term
  • We were able to get more 100 desks (single seaters ). The furniture problem is tremendously reducing, and our target is to have enough by the end of next year.
  • We recorded a new music video and we organized a concert at school on 8th October to launch it. We raised money that helped us to clear the arrears of painting and paving the boys’ section.
  • In the whole, despite some challenges, we had a successful term that ended the year.


  • New commission recommendations brought in a number of demands which include;
  • Installation of thunder arresters on buildings within the school, because Bombo area was zoned among areas in Uganda with high risks of lightening that may be a danger to lives. Our school was costed at 18 million shillings for all buildings to have thunder arresters.
  • Having slanting provisions on all walkways, classroom entrances, bathrooms etc for disabled children, parents and teachers. This therefore means doing partial constructions wherever we have ladders and on dorm/class entrances.
  • Putting up a dining hall, to avoid risks of school fires that are rampant in schools today. We thought we can use the fees of the 100 sponsored students to start on a multipurpose hall that can work as both the main hall and dining hall. Shs. 30,000,000 is expected on our account and construction may start this week. However this may only be enough to make the foundation, to show compliance to the demand.
  • To work on a football field for both boys and girls, as a playing area and to boost students’ talents
  • Add on the number of resident teachers on the school campus.
  • Improve the number of computers at school.

The above were recommended before the start of the new term that will start on 5th February 2018, in addition to the usual recommendations like a library room, more offices etc, which may be neglected for now.


  • The registration of S. 4 and S. 6 candidates will start in March 2018. Each S.4 candidate will pay 205,000 and S.6 213,000. They are 188 candidates in S.4 and 90 candidates in S.6. We are yet to establish how many students will be able to pay. However, from the previous years, it is always hard for the majority of students to pay both school fees and registration fee in the same term as required. From the paying students, it is mostly likely that majority can pay one of the two, either fees or registration fee.
  • The total amount for laboratory equipments and chemicals needed before registration is done (by February) is 11,546,200 shillings. We therefore hope to start on a saving program immediately the term starts, as we pray for any other possibilities.

The term will officially start on Sunday 4th February, and lessons the following day on 5th February 2018 and will end on Friday 4th May 2018.

On behalf of the Students, Teachers, Parents and the community, PLEASE allow me to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you, for all the support and sustenance we have received from you in the course of the year 2017. May the Lord highly grant you heavenly blessings, good health and joy?


Yours in Christ,




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