commission Report

Dear Henry and Irene,
We are happy S.4 exams ended well on 20th November. S.6 is going on till December 5th and the rest of the school are also doing exams to end the year.
From the recent inspection, the commission brought back both new and old recommendation, which included,

  1. nstalling thunder arrester systems to all buildings before beginning of next term. This is quite expensive. We have so far received one quotation of close to 18 million shillings.
  2. Having provisions of disabled students, teachers and parents (slanting entrances at classes, dormitories and shower rooms.
  3. Very serious on dinning hall to avoid food related accidents and fires from ironing etc.
  4. A football and netball field.

The rest were the usual ones of having a library room, expanded computer ratio with students, teachers houses, etc

The sponsoring group of the 100 students on learning about the recommendations, proposed to have their contribution on the demands of the commission, before the proposed dormitory. Their proposed contribution was up to 30 million shillings (not yet brought) though the hall may cost far above that.

We thought of putting up a multipurpose hall to serve both as dinning, examinations hall and assembly, which we can start when the 30 million is brought on 27th November.

We plan to end the term on 1st December, so marking is ongoing.

May the lord bless you so much.

Yours in Christ,

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