Steven Ssekitooleko

Dear Irene and Henry,
We need your prayers about our S.3 boy; Steven Ssekitoleko. As he was running down to their dormitory, he fell down severely onto his stomach! He didn’t get any external injury. The next morning he couldn’t walk by himself and we took him to Bombo in a private health centre. They scanned him and found some damaged organs and referred us to the nearby army hospital if they would help. They recommended an operation but the surgeon wasn’t around. We were referred to Mulago National referral hospital, but because it was night, he didn’t receive immediate assistance. He was operated yesterday, losing his pancreas, had a damaged liver which was repaired and much blood clots in the stomach! This has costed us so much, but we thank God he came out of theatre.

He was recommended to have some vaccines, which couldn’t be found in Uganda, but a doctor in Rwanda promised to help order for them from India. Yesterday I visited his family which seemed helpless financially. I gave them 500,000 shillings to take the boy today Sunday to Rwanda as we monitor his progress.

Yours in Christ,

UPDATE 29.10.2017

Dear Henry,
Thank you very much for the transfer. It will greatly bridge the gap in our expenditure. The boy successfully reached Rwanda, got some treatment and we hope he will recover. It is expected that he may live on drugs for the rest of his life, having lost the pancreas. We wait to hear the doctors‘ recommendations.
Yours in Christ,

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