Malaria Outbreak

Dear dad,

Greetings in Jesus‘ name!
I am writing to inform you that there is a serious outbreak of Malaria and the school is seriously affected.

We have been forced to TEMPORARILY contract a Nurse for 2 months (200,000/= per month) to help us with the treatment of the school children.
I know this is something we have not concluded with you yet but condition has forced us to engage this for now without your approval which i apologize for.
I will send for you a list of medicine which is running out of stock (mostly malaria related).
Hopefully your busy schedule is reducing a little bit so that i can hear from you at least.
UPDATE (25.10.2017):
Dear Michael,
LAP will carry the cost for the nurse till end 2017.
With the next transfer (mid November) you will receice 3 month salaries for her: 200 000 * 3 /4000 =150 Euro.


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