A brief about term II

Dear Henry (LAP) and Irene,
We I feel the pleasure to brief you about the term that ended on 17th August 2017, when non candidate students went for holidays, until the 17th of September when they will report according to the commission amendment of the dates. The term was busy in terms of teaching and co-curricular activities, most of which were successful, despite unavoidable challenges.

Among others, the following were key achievements:

  1. We were able to plaster, paint and paving going on of the boys new dormitories and the teachers house (which only lacks paint). The attached photos show the progress. This was possible from the returns of the exhibition and music competitions.
  2. We received pride when our school emerged the National champions of music as earlier communicated, and we received awards of; Song of the year, best secondary school of the year and Nakidde Patricia, our student getting a medal of best performer. We received land in Mukono measuring 50*100 feet, chance to record a video of the song of the year(which is ready now) and a new studio audio song as additional rewards.
  3. We had three successful study field tours, one of geography in eastern Uganda the other of agriculture and an entrepreneurship educate workshop at Luweero.
  4. We successfully did both internal and external mock examinations to our candidates, which were partly sponsored by Henry and Irene. Other students of the rest of the classes also did two sets of successful examinations and went for holidays with terminal progressive reports.
  5. We had food throughout the term (with some special meals on Sundays). We are very grateful for the continued contributions from Irene towards food for us.
  6. We were able to pay first term’s salary arrears and for this term for all teaching and non teaching staff. We are less by 3.2 million to be able to pay this month.( ended month) We are much humbled by the continued salary sponsorship to some teachers from Henry (LAP).
  7. We had medicine throughout the term, and our nurse seems more committed than the previous ones.
  8. From my university saving returns and internship allowances, I was able to buy a second hand more reliable diesel generator. This has greatly helped us during power load shading especially during examinations time.

The above were the notable from the many operational costs and activities achieved though not fully.

Some of the notable challenges include;

  1. A little reduction in food prices was realised, but this was not enough to lower the cost of feeding to normal.
  2. A number of parents still fail to pay their termly fees obligations. This is mainly determined by the level of harvests from gardens as determined by majorly rainfall efficiency. However, with the support from you, we are able to cover a lot of deficit.
  3. Construction of a girls dormitory didn’t start as expected (from the sponsoring group) due to much rainfall in the course of the term. It is expected to start late September according to the latest communication.
  4. The demand for chemicals and apparatus amounting to 17,876,400 we need by 25th September in preparation for exams starting on 13th October. Henry (LAP) has so far sent 1000 euros to cater for that. This is always a big sum in addition to managing candidates exams for two months that include fine art expenditure of about 42,000 per offering candidate, daily transport, welfare, stationary etc
  5. Many children who fall sick at school, some with chronic diseases like asthma, ulcers and more.
  6. The increasing cost of living, that push rent costs, transport and ever increasing demand for salary increase to enable teachers catch up with the trend.
  7. Death of parents and guardians. The ending term, eight children lost parents!

The above are notable from the many day today challenges and costs.

Despite all that, I am happy to report that we finished the term successfully and in a better way compared to many other previous terms. Our ability to handle operational demands has greatly increased, and we can not fail to say that your contributions have greatly enabled us so much to have a successful end of term. May the lord bless you so much and enable you to continue with your merciful caring nature.

The term will open on 17th September and will close on December 8th. S.4 begins exams on 13th October and S.6 on 11th November.

May the lord bless you so much.
Yours. In Christ,
Ronald Mulondo
For. St. Peter’s ss Bombo.

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