September Visit Report

Warm greetings from Grace Community NPS – Minja and Gulu Church! I take this opportunity to thank you, LAP and the the team you made the visit with. We appreciate the sacrifice each of you made to sponsor your travel to come for such a wonderful visit.
On behalf of the school and on my own behalf we thank you for the materials you brought for the school; electrical equipments, solar charger, wall clocks (now every class has a wall clock just as the school commission requires) and lots of appreciation from the children and teachers which class was taught by Ulrike; they are so grateful for the new skills she taught them.

Thank you for the words of compliments we got from you especially for the sickbay and our regards to Prof. Dr. Rolf for the medicine he donated to the school that has made the sickbay look like it is today.
On behalf of my family I thank you for making 2 seperate visits to my family which has been so unique in this very short visit. This has demonstrated a lot of love to me and the family. Thanks for the gifts to my family which we were able to extend to other people.

The church in Gulu is overwhelmed with joy for your SPECIAL gift of the keyboard that came so timely arriving on the night we were to hire a keyboard that overnight to praise God. Thank you so much for being used of the Father to bless His children. Thank you for the spectacles you brought; quite a good number of the church members got their rightful measurements and they are now able to read and write. Remember the glasses are quite expensive that so many cannot afford which makes them unable to read the word of God!

All in all it is a long list of appreciation that I cannot tell it all; thank you so much. I take this opportunity to apologize for whatever did not go well during this visit and ask for your forgiveness.

God bless.

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