winners song

Dear Irene,
We hope to finish end of term examinations tomorrow. Tomorrow, the commission is sending us the list of chemicals and apparatus we need for final exams starting on 13th October, and normally they ask us to have them at least two weeks before exams, for students to get familiar with them.

When we won, we received two other musical offers. To record a free song and a free video. We took up to record a new song and to make a video of the winner song. It’s undergoing editing and may come out on Friday this week.

We thought we would upload the video altogether if it will not be late. One photo is a recording studio, and the other a video shooting session at school. We also went to Luweero church gardens and made other parts, but I didn’t go, so I don’t have photos there.

May the lord bless you so much.
Yours in Christ,

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