Big Challenge

Dear Heinz,
I greet you in the name of Jesus! Hope you are fine.
Papa, i write just to share with you this challenge. I am aware of your position financially at this point.
We have a big challenge on the running costs which came as a result of a natural desaster to the region. Farmers had some pests which originated from South Africa according to the news which destroyed all the maize from the garden resulting into food crisis and famine.

We have struggled this term to reach this far; we have 3 weeks to finish this term but where we have reached things are just impossible. This is forcing us to close the term prematurely which has got a lot of implications from the DEO’s office for the subsequent term. I am not yet sure what decisions (e.g. penalty) that they will come up with.
So we can not just do this quietly without revealing to you. The minimum budget that can help us finish the term is as per attachment totalling to 2,020,000/= which we cannot afford at the moment as a school.

Please advise


Hello Michael,
I am back from France.
Now reading your letter, I made a transfer of 500 Euros today.
The rate for UGX to Euro is about 4200, so this amount will cover the needs.

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