The bag/ registration status

Dear Irene,
It was quite a tedious end of term, as we were disappointed by power not being on, with our generator mechanically disturbing! We however closed successfully and a few students remained at school. Five went to Mutungo.

The owner of the bag was not found! The email not answered. I called the number either, but it was the answering machine where I left the message. The next idea is to hand the bag over to police to be kept there. We all wonder how the it came to us!
About 15 candidates didn’t have the necessary primary school certificates to enable them register. We therefore gave them time until Wednesday to go and collect them, so that we can enter their details. Details of all others were entered. We therefore expect to upload the file to the commission by the end of the week, when we will get the receipts. I asked our usual supplier of laboratory materials to give us the needed apparatus and chemicals on credit, because the inspection will be on Thursday this starting week. He agreed and I will go for them on Monday morning. On Tuesday afternoon, we will have a general staff meeting to evaluate the term and set a program for second term. I thank God we were able to save a full month salary for teachers and non teachers, and what Henry sent for the sponsored teachers, reached yesterday. So, the meeting will flow with moody minds and constructive ideas expected.
I hope to write a full report about the term, after the Thursday inspection.

May the lord bless you so much.

Yours in Christ,


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