I take this special honor on behalf of the church in Gulu and on behalf of Grace Community NPS – Minja to thank you for the unexpected visit you have just made. Hoping you had a safe journey back though extremely tiresome which we sympathized a lot with you!

The church has been so blessed with the session you had on Saturday besides your coming to say hello on that Friday night of prayer. The skills you have passed on “Hearing Prayer” has been such a special one which many had never experienced before but now able to listen to the Holy Spirit.

The family of Anna could not ever imagine that a white man could come to their home to pray for them. This has caused a great impact to the entire community.

Thank you for praying for people to receive the Holy Spirit in the main service as everyone was quite eager for that prayer. Your preaching in the evening on evangelization was like leadership training!

I can never forget to mention your support to the church construction, thank you for the windows and doors you donated. Even if it rains, we are now comfortable in the church. The appreciation is for sure endless, we thank God who has placed in your heart to do this for his children, and we pray that you and your family are blessed!

Everyone was surprised to receive you in Minja and as usual you always come along with gifts. Thank you for the clothes which has helped a lot the children who wet their beds at nights. This helps reduce the rate of washing clothes and mattress cover. Thank you for the laptop and electrical materials for installation. We are grateful for your time, counsel, resources and money, etc. etc.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Oloyi

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