Dear sir,

We were honoured to receive you as a delegation from Learn -Apply -Proceed at St. Peter’s secondary school Bombo-Kalule. As the school community, we are aware of the love, care and sacrifice you have for our wellbeing and sustenance. This has always been exhibited in the financial support you have extended to us over time and the valuable physical items that we have received which have greatly helped us to improve in structures, teaching, computer studies. electricity safety and distribution, skills acguisition, and much more.Above all, we are very much thankful for the time and monetary resources you spend during the travels you make to come to visit us. This assures us of you as our close companions away from us who silently think about us, with a close awareness of our daily struggles to improve the livelihood of the Ugandan next generation. May the Lord through his merciful love and omnipotence consider your deeds with blessings.

It is of no doubt that our school has moved a great deal in terms of development and performance, and we cannot live to celebrate that fame we have now without mentioning your noble contribution. We pray that the Lord enables you to support us and other Ugandan communities, as you pray for us to get the best guidance from the lord to manage affairs of our children rightly.

May the Lord bless your journey back home and all the works of your hands until we meet again by the grace of our heävenly Lord. Please reach of our greetings and appreciation to all the board and donors that we live in abstract love with them.

Yours faithfully,

Ronald Mulondo

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