Dear Henry and Irene,
I am glad to give you our detailed results of our S.4 candidates of last year. We registered 150 candidates but 149 did the exams. 78 candidates passed with super grades, with 32 of them being ranked among the best candidates in Uganda. 53 passed in grade three, with convincing scores to join A.level. 16 passed in grade four( can join A.level but with low scores) and two students both girls failed. We were ranked third in the sub county and 5th in the district. We expect a better rank when it comes to value addition to be released later. Girls at St. Peters performed better than the boys, though it was the opposite countrywide. Our Performance in sciences greatly improved! This was because we received materials in time in first term, which we used in teaching, and again in third term, which we used in exams. If this continues, it will help us to improve this sector which produces students who get jobs faster!
The challenge is the very high cost of laboratory materials needed this year, and the registration fees for this years candidates, which starts February 24 to late march. With the current economic situation, many, even the paying ones are likely to fail to raise fees and registration in the same term!
We wish to extend our sincere thanks yo you all for your great support, which has enabled us reach this far. May the Lord bless you all.
Yours in Christ,

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