Educate workshops

Dear Henry and Irene,

I was able to use part of my salary and paid for this term’s Educate Uganda workshops.

Henry saw the documents and we sent two teachers to attend the first workshop at Netwoth hotel Wobulenzi. They come every Thursday afternoon and train students in a number of inter-personal skills, business management, how to start up small scale manageable businesses……..Because we could not afford buying materials for all students, we started with S.5 and S.6 students. Yesterday, happiness surrounded the school when the first product was produced by students from what they learnt. They produced 60 litres of liquid soap detergent( gel) with natural perfumes, colours and preservatives. They were proud to see that what they have seen in shops from very big companies, now came from their own hands and ideas. Its quality was far better than all other types we have bought for our cleaning. Every student wanted to take at least a litre home, but we decided to keep it for school use. We then realised that students can get a number of skills if we can raise the training costs (1.300.000) for the whole term and materials whose cost depend on what we can make, including liquid soap, bar soap, cakes, paper bags, cooking stoves…………about 12 items.

We again have a power problem for the last two weeks and we depend on the generator!

May the lord bless you do much.

Yours in Christ,


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