Thank you Papa Henry & l-a-p for the Bus

Dear dad,

I am making 42 years old this year on 29th September 2016 and this should be one of the birthdays i should mark seriously in my life.

I had never driven any vehicle before not even tried to learn how to drive but i am glad to inform you that with your donation of the school bus i took interest in driving and just done with the driving lesson. I am looking forward towards getting driving license.

Much as you are making impact in the lives of children, i would like to let you know that even adults are equally being impacted. A grown-up big married man like me who did not have any prospect of owning any car can now during holidays and week ends drive a big bus sponsored by l-a-p for Grace Community NPS – Minja.

Papa Henry, kindly pass my sincere regards to the staff, board members and sponsors of l-a-p.

God bless you all.


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