Dear Irene and Henry,

Greetings in the lord’s name. We are fine and working tirelessly around the school before the term can open.

I have attached for you photos, to see how far we have gone with the plastering and the leveling of the compound. The office was finished with furniture and paint put, the boys dorm and sickbay are waiting for paint and girls dorm under plastering.

The compound leveling was finished, though removing the soil (which we want to pour behind the boys dorm) is not an easy task which would require hiring a truck to help. Digging of the girls toilet will end on Monday if all goes well, some materials to build it may be the challenge. We intend to use excess of stones to make foot ways, to reduce on the mud during the rainy season. So, we need your prayers in all we do. May the lord bless you so much.

Yours in Christ,



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