Good News

Dear dad,

Long time! How are you doing? Greetings from Minja church when i last visited them as i told you.

Last Sunday, a young man came to our church and said he was looking for the pastor who took some visitors who were from Germany to preach in the prison.

So he was brought to me and identified himself as Lawrence and told me that he had just been released from prison. He said he was looking for our church so that he can share his joy with us.

The man who could not hide his excitement was thanking you so much for the message you preached that made him to give his life to Jesus Christ for the first time. He went on saying that he had not done anything wrong but was innocently taken to prison and what made him so bitter was that his dad also abandoned him and never followed him to prison when he called for him. So when you asked for forgiveness on behalf of his dad, he was so touched and decided to forgive his father and that is how accepted to confess Jesus.

He eagerly inquired if you would ever come back again so that he travels from Masindi district where he comes from to meet you. Remember he does not come from Gulu and what makes him now so happy is that he does not regret having been imprisoned because that is where he made the best decision to follow Jesus.

We really needed to have made a follow up to the prisons but because of their desperate need we are challenged to go there empty handed.

I have the impression that in your next visit we might not need to organize conference but instead plan for outreaches like the one we did in prison if that will be okay with you.  Greetings to all.


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