Brief vom 01.12.2014

Dear Henry,

Greetings in the lord’s name. Today is world Aids day. It comes when the HIV-aids level in Uganda is currently 7.3% of the total population of tentatively 35 million people. Majority of victims being children in schools according to government! Much of our duty is to teach and sensitize about aids among young children in school.

Today, building of the foundation has been completed. This takes the longest time before the roof. To strengthen the floor, we were advised to use a jumper compactor in the foundation. Today we hired one from Kampala to try the option as you can see in the pictures and video. Tomorrow, raising of the walls will start.

Last Friday, we took a sample of the sockets to three big shops in Kampala. Each promised to contact us in the course of the week. So we are still waiting. On Friday, I went to the university to seek for salary advance if I can buy some cement for the plaster and floor of the main halls and laboratory. I have not yet succeeded, but they immediately paid my salary since it was end of month!

They promised to give me an answer about advance on Thursday this week. Yesterday, I was able to buy 30 bags of cement using salary (we had 8 trips of sand already from the bore balance). I talked to our usual builder to start with what is available on the walls, praying for advance if I can pay him for labour and have more sand, cement and stones( if I am to succeed, I am not sure of how much they will recommend). Inspection is expected to start on 17th December. So, pray for me for Thursday success.

By 11:00am, you can see where they started with the plastering.

May the loving God bless you all.
Yours in Christ,

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