Monthly Highlight Report; March 2022

It is about 2 weeks to the closure of first term and we have every reason to be grateful to God who has enabled us reach this far. Our sincere heartfelt appreciation goes to you Mr. President and the entire LAP organization.

  • We are grateful for the timely monthly transfers that has enabled us pay staff salaries in time and as a result we have been able to maintain our quality teachers who have always made our children emerging best in Primary Leaving Examinations (P.L.E) for the past two years of our sitting.
  • The term has been quite challenging especially this time more than any other term we have ever had in terms of parents responses to fees payments
  • Prices of commodities have remained high throughout and worsened in the last one month. A bar of blue soap used to cost 2,000/= but since the last one month it is now ranging from 4,000 to 6,000/= (UNBELIEVABALE!!!). The same applies to prices of Sugar, Maize, Beans, Salt, and Cooking oil (the essentials we need at home and school). This has been caused by rising fuel prices.
  • This term we were to have participated in inter school’s athletic competitions but because we could not afford to purchase the sports equipment, we have been given a fine for not involving the children in the co-curriculum activities. We are to pay a penalty of 300,000/= before close of the term!
  • Teachings have been very effective despite the challenges we have been facing. With the school having a photo copier we are able to assess our learners regularly with examinations since we print some exams from school.
  • Because of the lengthy period of close to 2 years that children were not able to be in school coupled with the automatic promotion of children to the next class, most children who could not afford online lessons during the lock down have been found very weak in the subsequent classes. As a result, we have thought it wise as many other schools are doing the same, to keep our candidates in school as other children break for holiday to help in covering the syllabus.
  • Registration of P.7 candidates is scheduled for this term; we are faced with another challenge as I have always explained to you. We sincerely need your support so that we are not left in that awkward situation of losing our good candidates we have invested a lot in. The situation is worst this time as parents cannot afford to pay registration fee of 135,000 per child (for private schools). This is cheaper in government aided schools (you can’t imagine!) we have a total of 35 candidates to register now which totals to 4,725,000 UGX.
  • On ViWA, it has just started raining and farmers are very busy in the garden hurrying to plant the early seeds to rescue their families from the very high cost of living that has hit everywhere. Harriet is just overwhelmed with so many people who need to borrow money to help them with farm work. You will find in attachment ViWA Financial report 2021. Help me complete the last part which gives the summary.
  • Uganda has lost the Speaker of Parliament and burial is this Friday which is declared a public holiday. He was our Member of Parliament for Omoro County in Omoro district.

Just like I shared with you in last month’s report, it has remained a challenge, the items below, the only adjustment will be in feeding cost because we were forced to use some part of salaries to address feeding which means the arrears is going up while feeding goes down. Hopefully this makes sense!

  • Arrears for salaries 7 Mio UGX
  • Feeding 4.7 Mio UGX
  • Medicine 2 Mio UGX
  • Sports equipment 2.8 Mio UGX (this is not now as urgent since we have been given penalty for defaulting participation for this term)

We remain very grateful to you, Mama Hilder, the board members, LAP and all the donors!

God bless!

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Oloyi


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