S.6 exams Released

Dear Henry and Irene,
Greetings from Bombo. It is still very hot, despite receiving some rain now a few days of the week. It is an early start of the planting season.

I am glad to inform you that the Uganda National examinations Board(Uneb) released results of the S.6 of 2018 showing a decreasing number of students finishing A.level (S.6) because many don’t get the chance of financing it. Results also showed a declining number of students who pass A.level but an improvement in the performance of girls as compared to boys. An improvement was also noted in science subjects countrywide.

We registered a total of 91 students at our school and we are happy to report that 89 students passed the exams and qualified for university admission. Fortunately, the two also qualified for certificates and can join other tertiary institutions but not universities.

Our best student was a boy, Julius Ntale, but the best four students in sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics) were girls! This justifies the big development we have made in the science sector as a school, because of the continued support you have always given us towards laboratory equipment and chemicals.

We are waiting for government selections for university intake, but we are hopeful some of our students will be part of the 2000 students sponsored at the university as the trend has always been.

With a deep sincere heart please, we thank you very much for all the support you gave us in the course of the entire year 2018 , that led us to that success that opened up the future of our students who finished S.6. You have genuinely contributed and still contributing to our nation building. May the lord bless you so much.

Ronald Mulundo for St. Peters.

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