S.4 Results

Dear Henry and Irene,

Greetings on this Women’s day from Bombo. We have prayers today at school, and then a public lecture on ‚ A girl today is a woman tomorrow, how to handle a successful transition ‚ papers to be delivered were prepared mainly by female teachers.Finally our S.4 results were printed, having the best performance ever, but for the best quality of students too in terms of performance. A total of 96 students passed in super division one, 53 in division two, and 9 in division three. No one failed the exams!

The best candidate had aggregate 10. Followed by 12, 13……The best commission aggregate is 8. So, he was among the national best candidates.

The academic quality of last year’s S.4 candidates was too good that it may take us long to reproduce such a result!
We are very grateful for all the support and finances that you gave us, that enabled us do a successful work, that led to that victory of our children.

May the lord bless you so much.
Yours in Christ,

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