Release of S.6 Results

Dear Henry, Dear Irene,
Greetings from St. Peters Bombo.
Yesterday, the commission released results of the S.6 students, showing a general decline in the overall national performance, with many students failing to get marks for university education. Just like at St. Peters, the performance of girls in the country was better than that of the boys! This has now taken a trend of the last four years.At St. Peters, among the top five students, there is only one boy. We registered a total of 74 candidates, but 73 did the exams. One girl Monica Nanyonga disappeared from home two terms before exams were done(as I noted in the previous report)
Our best student Sherinah Nantambi scored 19 points out of the maximum points of 20. She was among the best candidates in the country and we expect her to be sponsored by the state at the university. We as the school will meet the cost of buying for her the necessary application forms. Five others scored 18 and are contenders for state sponsorship. Their qualification for state sponsorship will depend on how many students in the country had the same level of performance. The state sponsors only 2000 students in total, with several considerations not limited to performance, but also district of origin.
Of the 73 students, 64 qualified for university education at degree level, 5 qualified for diplomas, 3 for certificates and 1 failed the exams.
We wish to thank you very much for all the support you gave us throughout the academic life of our students at St. Peters, that enabled us to register that achievement. May the lord reward you all. The A.level certificate is not only a qualification for university, but also the minimum qualification for any appointment in any Ugandan office ranging from president, member of parliament, minister etc students can start working while raising money for further studies. Universities start in September. So those to join still have some time.
Because the commission concentrated on release of S.6 exams, they gave us an appointment of Friday next week 2nd march to work on those of S.4. So, they will be one week late to start studies because s5 students will start officially on 26th, but we will find more time for them to cover it.
May the lord bless you so much
Yours in Christ,

Z. Info.

Das bedeutet, dass 88 % der Schüler von Bombo  sich an einer Uni einschreiben können und auch für andere Staatsämter qualifiziert sind.
Besomders stolz sind wir auf Sherinah Nantambi, die hoffentlich ein Stipendium bekommt für die Uni.
Nur einer hat nicht bestanden, leider.

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