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Dear Henry and Irene,
Greetings from St. Peter’s secondary school and from my family. We have had a busy schedule the last two weeks, but in general we are fine. A lot has happened, including the agriculture field study which I told you about last week. We were able to take only students in S.4 and S.6 because of the resources, and they came back successfully. We took them to Makerere University animal and crop( agricultural farm) North East of Kampala.
The exhibition was quite a success. The motive was to collect funds to have new buildings at the boys end plastered. We got a total of 12,736,000. We used about 2,320,000 in preparations. So, work started last Friday of plastering. We will not borrow this time, but work within limits of what we have.
We will participate in a music competition on July 23rd at Kampala. The school with the song of the year will have a prize money, (I don’t have actual amount now) in case we win, the amount will help us finish plastering and paving the ground to remove the mud. This however requires us to make videos for our three songs at about 2,479,000 for all, if we are to be competitive enough.
On Sunday 2/7/17, we invited all parents (though not all came) for an academic and morals day. This is intended to check on their children progress and to share with them about the character of their children. Some parents paid fees which helped us to do the following;
We bought stationary and tonner which enabled us do mid term exams last week.
On Friday (7/7/17) we organized a geography field work trip for candidates to eastern Uganda at about 6.3 million.
We paid salary for June to all staff and some bills like power.
We are now currently planning if we can afford to pay for mock or not, which will be done on 30th July, alongside the may financial needs we still have. Each candidate requires 25,000 and are very important exams in preparing them for final exams.
The major threat was the great lighting and thunder we had at school last week on Monday! Personally I got an electric shock because I was connecting an office phone to a charger. Jimmy Katumba was working on laptop 006, but because of much thunder blast, he fell with it and the screen got a crack on one part. So it displays only one part! Another teacher fell in the class but got minor injuries. Later we were told that it didn’t cause destruction because of the earthling of the electricity at school, but they advised us to get some thunder arresters in future to avoid possible destruction from lighting.
May the lord bless you so much.
Yours in Christ,

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